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WP-OPT© – Planning programme for heat pumps – Single user


WP-OPT is a programme for the evaluation and design of heating systems that use heat pumps.

With WP-OPT©, heat pump heating systems can be planned and optimised in a practical and user-friendly way.

Selection of the heat pump, calculation of the annual performance factor with simulation with hourly climate data, hot water preparation, cascades and back-calculation from consumption, CO2 emissions and the report and. Step by step calculation.

With our software, the behaviour of the heating system can be calculated and analysed under different operating conditions. This comprehensive design programme provides access to numerous configuration variants of the system and enables a quick comparison between them.

For the potential user of such a system, forecasts about the operating behaviour are not only an important criterion for the purchase decision, but also for economic efficiency.

Dimensioning of heat pumps and sources

Simulation calculations to determine the annual performance factor, operating costs, cooling of the ground, etc. for

  • Profitability analyses
  • Approval procedure
  • System comparisons
  • Preparation of offers for the customers

Visualisation of correlations

  • Annual cycle of the source temperature
  • Heat demand in the building
  • Influence of the design of the heat distribution system or the hot water preparation on the annual performance factor
  • Influence of room temperature on electricity consumption

Investigation of concrete technical possibilities.

  • Deciding whether an existing surface is sufficient for the ground absorber Retrofitting a technically better one
  • Heat pump with existing ground absorber


  • Temperature requirements
  • Planning security
  • Economic efficiency comparison
  • Preparation of detailed reports in which own texts and formulations can be included

General features

  • Over 4000 heat pumps available in the database (including old devices from 1999 that maybe used for assessment)
  • Different types of heat pumps such as air, water, direction evaporation or special applications (performance-controlled inverter devices, gas heat pumps, exhaust air)
  • 60 different sole types
  • Large selection of climate data for 37 EU countries
  • Support for adding new heat pumps, tariffs, soil type and climate data
  • All user-entered data for heat pumps, tariffs, soil type and climate data can be edited
  • 2 built-in reports available, also custom reports can be generated
  • 1 sample project (corresponding to a customer or heating system)
  • Unlimited number of new projects can be created
  • Editing and saving projects
  • Input heating load range supported: 0 – 1000 kW
  • Any type hot water tank design can be selected
  • Temperature profile of the source can be freely selected
  • Support for calculation of combined soil absorbers (probe+flat)
  • Backup/restore of the user database
  • Comprehensive help, accessible on each page


  • Report generator
  • Air preheating in the ground