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WP-OPT© – Software to design and simulate heat pump heating systems

WP-OPT – description

The simulation software WP-OPT© helps you to design heat pump heating systems. Additionally
you can compare different heating system configurations concerning the operating results.
Suggestions about the operating behaviour and the efficiency of the heat pump heating system are
very difficult to make without a computer-based simulation. That is because the technical
parameters of heat pump, heat source and heat delivery influence each other. Our software uses
an iterative approach to calculate the temperature curve of the heat source caused by the heat

Depending on the technical parameters of the heat pump, the current heating water
temperature and the heat source temperature the running time and the power consumption of the
heat pump are calculated. They are the basis for calculating the coefficient of performance (COP)
and for providing a comparison of operational costs to conventional heating systems.
Water-water, air-water and brine-water systems (the latter also with direct evaporation) are
possible as well as systems with bivalent and monoenergetic mode of operation.

Naturally our software assists you in designing a heat pump heating system. Warnings appear
when input or result data are out of given ranges.


Additional modules extend the functionality of the program. For example the ‘Solar module‘ allows
the consideration of the usage of a solar thermal system for hot water service, heating support and
increasing the heat source temperature.


The content and design of the feedbacks are customisable. The tempalte can also be created in any language. You can also display and print several reports showing all the input and result data. It is possible to create customized reports for your special use on your own.


WP-OPT© is available as full version (for professional use) and as OEM version (for manufacturers). Please see our web site for details or cotact as here.

Informations for heat pump manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer of heat pumps, you can download the program WPOedit© to edit the database of our software WP-OPT©.

Download WPOedit V4.6.0.0©(as an executable file)

If you have problems to download an executable file, here is the installation archived in zip format.
Download WPOedit V4.6.0.0©(in zip file format)

The manual contains an installation guide and an explanation of how to edit the heat pump data in the database.
Manual for WPOedit

If you haven’t got the database with your current heat pumps yet, please send an email to info@wpsoft-gmbh.de. We send you the right version of the database. Please don’t forget to give us the contact informations of the colleague responsible for our questions.



  • See how the program works
  • See which input data are used
  • Explore the function of WP-OPT©
  • Check documentation for WP-OPT


  • Cutomizable reporting
  • Add own devices
  • Climatic data for 37 eu countries
  • Professional consulting
810 €

OEM Version

  • Customizable for your requirement
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Reports in country language
  • Professional consulting