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WP-OPT Heat pumps calculator

We offer OEM versions and single-user licences.


• Selection of the heat pump • Calculation of the annual performance factor with simulation with hourly climate data • Hot water preparation • Cascades and back-calculation from consumption • CO2 emissions report • Step by step calculation •

Estimate economic feasibility of your investment

Going for heat pumps is normally a big investment, but will pay off in the long-run, provided that it’s wisely selected. We can show how this investment works out in the future, so you can also convince your customers in a scientific manner with enough statistics and data on how their money will return in the long term. Furthermore you can make changes to some parameters to see how it will affect the results in the long-run. It helps you to fine tune the factors, rates, tariffs and values so you get the most out of the heat pump. You can then show different scenarios with corresponding results (both in form of numbers or charts) to your customers to let them freely decide on how they like it to be implemented.

Intuitive user interface

In order to make the data entry easier for you, we’ve made the whole system schematic, so that you can simply go to the correct part to view, edit or add the respective data. We have made solar, tariff, hot water, building, heat source, heat pump and the whole project visually highlighted. Also on the left side of the application, there is a sidebar containing menus for accessing main functionalities of the application. All windows have a help button available to offer you with necessary instructions in case you’re in doubt about anything.

create custom reports in your country language

If you want to present the results of calculations to customer, or if you plan to store them for later use, then we’ve got you covered. All you need is easily available under the reporting menu: a report generator is available to provide you with a custom built report containing all needed information. You can specify which data you want to be included in the report and also how you want it to look like. If you’re going to prepare a report for your customers, you can also set your logo, enter your name and contact info, and then the generated report will be made quickly as a Word file.

WP-OPT is customisable for your projects

Although the application covers an already extensive built-in database, you can add your own heat pumps, edit tariffs/rates, ground temperatures, weather data, kinds of soil to make the program work according to your specified region. This way, even if you have customers from regions not listed in the application, you will still be able to use it, you just need to add the data of that specific location. The more accurate the data, the more reliable the results will be.

Results for building DIALOG

Results for building dialog box delivers information, categorized in 4 parts. This bar chart shows the monthly heat consumption for heating and hot water with different colors (which can be changed in Options menu). The section “average monthly heat output” lists the average momentary heat wattage of the building system for every month (together with flow temperature in parentheses). The section “Total consumption per year” displays the overall heat consumption for heating and hot water. “Solar yields” section shows the annual sum of solar input for each of the three possible solar energy sinks.


  • See how the program works
  • See which input data are used
  • Explore the function of WP-OPT©
  • Check documentation for WP-OPT



  • Cutomizable reporting
  • Add own devices
  • Climatic data for 37 eu countries
  • Professional consulting

815 €

OEM Version

  • Customizable for your requirement
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Reports in country language
  • Professional consulting

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Essential features of WP-OPT

  • Supporting climate data available in all European countries
  • Supporting custom climate data and new locations
  • Variety of accessibility options (plausibility check, Schematic, input assistant or Default values)
  • Lots of simulation options (including but not limited to building, heat pump, heat source, electricity consumption, battery power save…)
  • Wide range of calculated data (annual performance, VDI 4650, DIN 14825, useful energy, electricity consumption, operating costs, economical feasibility, CO2 savings
  • Different heating sources (water, waste water, air-air, air-water, earth probe, ground collector among others)
  • Different operational modes: hot water, heating, monovalent, cascade, modulating, cooling, passive, etc.
  • Freely configurable energy source
  • Old devices database for reports and conversion
  • Simple variations for project optimization including simulation of device errors
  • Competent technical support
  • English version with climate data for 37 european countries


If you have any further questions, please use our contact form.

In addition to this paid version, there’s also a free demo version, which offers basic functionality of the WPT-OPT, but of course limited in many aspects. Demo version can be downloaded from here. If you’re not still convinced about the purchase, you can freely start using this demo version to have an impression of what the main version (with significantly more features) looks like.

Windows XP, 7, 8.x, 10, 11
Processor: 2.0 GHz or faster
RAM: 4 GB or higher
Display resolution: At least 1280×1024
Disk Drive: At least 300 MB
No internet connection is necessary

With the programme you receive a manual that covers all aspects of planning a heat pump. You can call up the help catalogue via a help button. Each input parameter also has a “?” button that gives you a quick reference to the input data. If required, you can contact as for expert assistance at our hourly rate.